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Okay, this is probably a bit late, since the news broke Saturday morning (two days ago), but I’ll do it anyway…WTF?????

Normally on a Saturday morning, I’d be checking out the Weekend Today Show while having coffee for a little bit of mindless entertainment. HOWEVER, the ridiculously self-aggrandizing local affiliate decided, because it was just barely snowing, that they needed to pre-empt the Today show to run continuous snow and traffic coverage – on a Saturday morning – also something they did NOT do during the really bad weather earlier in the week, when rush hour was actually affected and people actually NEEDED the info.

So I figure, well, I’ll watch some real news. Click. CNN. What is the earth-shattering “BREAKING NEWS” that they’re running with the big alarm banner below??? Britney-“That’s It, My Meltdown is Complete”-Spears shaving her head to expose the hole where her brains fell out when she met KFed. Ugh. Ugh. Isn’t there a war somewhere that the real news channels could cover and leave crap like this to Entertainment Tonight? Please?


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