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I’m not really aggravated about anything today that I can write about publicly, so in order to keep my writing going, I thought I’d add a post about what the title of my blog means.

Seeing Red:
Because I’m frequently ticked off. At things like the state of our world, the shallowness of people, that TV news really blows, that I had to pay bills today, traffic….like I said, I’m frequently ticked off. (By the way, in writing this blog, I’m making a concerted effort to keep my language clean in order to better use my substantial vocabulary – something I rarely do when I’m ticked off and TALKING about it!)

Bleeding Blue:
Two reasons –
One: I’m a born and bred Democrat. My Democratic leanings are based on a “people before corporations” philosophy. I believe that taking care of the poor is significantly more important than taking care of big business. Child care beyond the womb. Quality of life, not just life. Personal responsibility in the vein of “to whom much is given (Americans), much is expected.” I believe in God, and I believe that He wants us to take care of each other, not just ourselves. Thus, my Democratic blue. (I would add that I’m also a pragmatist, and one party is not ALWAYS better than the other. They’re all faulty human beings.)
Two: A much more shallow reason, I guess – I’m also a dyed-in-the-wool University of Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan. (And right now, this season, I’m suffering along with all the others, the sadness that is the 2006-7 basketball season)

Feeling Green:
I am in love with nature. I can look at changing leaves, a trickling mountain stream, falling rain or snow, birds chasing each other out of the feeder, for a very long time. It gives me peace. In the same vein, I love animals. Animals break my heart, from horses running the Derby to my dog licking my face when I’ve come home in a bad mood.
I guess this goes along with my reasons for the Bleeding Blue – I care deeply about our environment and believe that it is our responsibility to take care of the planet God gave us. I do believe that the government should strictly regulate corporations in this aspect, because many corporations have proven themselves untrustworthy to regulate themselves. I believe we need to take care of the animals on this planet, as they have no natural defense against guns and loss of habitat.

So that’s it. Make sense? Enjoy the picture…
fall foliage boone county ky


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