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Monthly Archives: March 2007

How, exactly, does a person/corporation/government entity LOSE something that is this huge?
And if I were living in or near Sand Lake, Michigan or Kent County, Michigan, you can best believe I’d be taking my water fresh from the bottle only…


Check out these directions from Google on how to get from Stanford CA to Stockholm in Sweden. Better bring your water wings and lunch!

I heartily agree with this list, but I would definitely change the order the songs are in. The fact that someone actually said okay to Britney Spears’ EVER being allowed to sing Satisfaction is an affront to rock fans anywhere and everywhere. No other cover song could ever possibly have been worse than that mess.

Come on home to the bluegrass, Billy D…..come on up to a BASKETBALL school instead of that FOOTBALL school…..all us KY fans are just waitin’ for ya!!!

Ahhhh, the Onion is so right on…this is definitely my new favorite headline from them…

Here’s hoping Billy Donovan doesn’t read this opinion

If Billy doesn’t take the job, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Rick Pitino is top of mind for Mitch Barnhart.

This just provides backup to my personal, strongly held belief that dogs are the best people.

HO-LEE FREAKIN TOADS! This thing could eat my dachshund!!

Okay, now I’m not condoning mom’s reaction to her gorgeous little girl saying the word ASS, but this is one of the funniest and cutest things I’ve ever seen online. Her confidence is awesome! She is completely certain she’s going to be the one doing the “kicking.”

After you watch the link, bookmark it for when you need a lift!