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Woo-hoo! The big bad BlueDevils have bowed out early.

You know, my loathing and contempt for Duke might not be so bad were it not for CBS Sports’ (and various other sports media) inability to QUIT showing the 1992 Duke win over my Wildcats.

In Rupp Arena yesterday, during the afternoon session, in a region that doesn’t even include Duke, the guys running the big screen felt the need to highlight Christian Laettner YET AGAIN – twice. IN FREAKING RUPP ARENA! THAT was basketball HERESY!

For several reasons, they all need to STOP running that damn clip:
A. It was 15 bloody years ago. What have they done lately?
B. Is Christian Laettner the only star player they ever had?
C. It was NOT EVEN a final!! It was only a regional.
D. Laettner should not even have still been in the game at that point. He should have been ejected for the blatant foul in the previous play. Dirty player.

Really, there’s not a better thriller clip in NCAA tournament reels in 15 years of play? Really?

Well, there IS one now…thank you, Virginia Commonwealth! You are my new other favorite team! Well done.


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