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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Thank heavens someone in the media has developed a big enough pair of brass ones and a large enough brain to call someone on the carpet for idiocy and fearmongering to win an election! Keith Olbermann is my new hero! Eloquent (W. would have to look that word up), pointy and sharp! Bravo!


It’s such a pity that the mayor who oversaw the renaissance and cleaning up of NYC during the 90’s into a place people actually wanted to visit on vacation AND who seemed to be such an upstanding man of bravery and character during the 9/11 tragedy can’t come up with any other platform with which he can run for President other than resorting to the scare tactics of the current administration.
Rudy’s wearing his scary mask and it looks like Dick Cheney.

She’s almost as dumb as her husband. What an appalling and clueless comment.
No one? Really? Not the soldiers themselves? Not the soldiers’ grieving families? Really? REALLY?!?

I just love animals….this story is really cute…this sweet bird is so misguided!

When you need a little pick-me-up, just listen to this little picker-upper….

Headlines only…

“A jazz musician was injured Friday after jumping from a
burning motor home driven by a one-time roller skating stripper from Lodi.”

Sounds like an extraordinarily interesting episode of Cops!!

And this one…

“When police entered the office of Nitschmann Middle School Principal John Acerra to arrest him for allegedly selling crystal methamphetamine, they found the 50-year-old educator naked and watching gay pornography with sex toys nearby, sources say.” 

NICE. There’s not one part of that statement that doesn’t scream “WRONG!”

I heard this depressing news this morning. I mean, it’s one thing to think this is happening, it becomes another thing entirely when you hear your suspicions backed up with research and hard facts. So maybe women should only have to do 80% of the same job as men, since that’s all they get paid, 80% of men’s salary. Oops, make that 69%.

This sucks. Sometimes it makes me wonder what I’m busting my a** for every day.

What does your dog say to you?

Mine just grunts at me if I’m not paying enough attention to her.

So, a lot of media people and ‘experts’ this week have had a lot to say about the things that should have been done or could have been done to prevent the scale of the tragedy at VaTech. Even when the actual VaTech students were standing behing their president, the media people kept hammering away at what the university did and/or didn’t do ‘appropriately.’

So, yes, that was annoying to watch and listen to. Yes, it was frustrating and at times a bit maddening and I wanted to shout at them to shut up.

However, that was not nearly so bad as this jackass and this jackass, who both took it upon themselves to blame the actual victims in the classrooms for not trying “to rush this guy.” They actually had the unmitigated gall to say they would have acted differently after making giant leaping assumptions about what went on in those rooms. And apparently, these two were not the only ones. We can always count on some jerk from FoxNews to say something ridiculous and appalling as well.

How dare they. Perhaps someday they’ll be able to show us all what they would do in the situation, since they think they know better how to react to someone with a semi-automatic pointed in their faces.

This guy knows what it was like and experienced a real reaction.

Ok, the other dumbest thing I heard this week in relation to the VaTech tragedy.

After a couple of the roommates of the shooter were interviewed on CNN and revealed that the shooter used to listen to the band Collective Soul’s song “Shine” over and over and over, the band felt the need to issue a statement defending themselves.

I don’t know what’s the dumbest part of this – the fact that the band was defensive about it in the first place, or the fact that the band actually had their people release a statement defending themselves.

Like everyone everywhere was going to jump the band about this tragedy. Puhl-leeeze.