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I heard two of the stupidest things this week while watching the round-the-clock VaTech coverage.
Things that just make me go, what the —-? Really?

So, the first one…
Okay, I watch TV news. I prefer to watch NBC in most cases. But on Monday evening, Brian Williams made one of the dumbest assumptions ever. He was interviewing one of the EMTs that was on the scene. And he made a giant leaping, big-city assumption. He said/asked the EMT a question that implied that “surely your training would NEVER include responding to a mass casualty incident?” STUPID STUPID QUESTION preceded by a STUPID ARROGANT ASSUMPTION.

Emergency medical personnel EVERYWHERE in this country receive training on responding to mass casualty incidents, and they’ve received this training regularly for many, many, many years. I had EMT training in the late 90s and we were trained on responding to mass casualty incidents. A decade before that, I worked in a local hospital in a small town (a suburb of Cincinnati) where we had mass casualty training as well. AND, if EMTs didn’t have it before then, 9/11 certainly changed that. Every rescue squad in the country trains in these things regularly now, in order to try to be prepared for what seems to be the inevitable next terrorist attack.

What a duma** question, Brian.


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