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Okay, everyday I drive past a very large building that has housed a local branch of the Disabled Veterans Administration for probably 30 years or more. It has never housed anything else. I was quite surprised to see a bright yellow, brand new Hummer sitting outside of the building yesterday.

So, we have all heard how well veterans are being taken care of in this country (God forbid we take care of them appropriately, that might cost somebody a few bucks more out of their paycheck in taxes)….we know that, despite the fact they deserve the absolute best of care for sacrificing themselves (in a pointless war, I might add), they are not getting that best of care.

Then this news comes out. Now we know why these self-sacrificing people (regardless of the reasons they joined the military) are not receiving the A-plus care they should be.

Now I understand the Hummer parked outside. The rich get richer – and their children don’t sign up for the military – and they don’t go to Iraq to fight invisible enemies.



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