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This news piece – BOSS student hiker dies of thirst on survival hike – came out a couple of weeks ago now and I’ve been meaning to comment on it.

The guy was an experienced outdoorsman, a veteran, and most importantly, a student of the BOSS school. The fact that no one recognized the signs of acute dehydration brings into question EVERYTHING about their methods and the abilities of their instructors. They are allowed to instruct yet none of them had enough EMT training to recognize the altered mental status of someone with acute dehydration? When he faltered, none of them thought to break the rules and give the guy a small sip even though they were carrying it with them?

Tragic. Stupid. (not the victim, the instructors)

I used to want to go through a BOSS outdoor experience, but I don’t think I ever wanted to risk my life to do it. And now I know for sure I don’t.


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