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Okay, those of you who’ve read any part of this blog probably realize how much I adore nature.

HOWEVER, today, part of nature bites. Well, it stings anyway.

I wandered out back to refill the bird feeder – barefoot – and then I realized that the chipmunk holes near the patio were getting out of hand, to the point where the skunks will be able to come back to nest under the patio because the holes would be big enough for them to get into. So I turned around and picked up my big bag o’ fill dirt to pour it in the chipmunk holes. As I moved between the holes with the big 40-pound bag of dirt, I stepped sideways without looking and felt a sharp pain in the side of my heel. Which got sharper. And more painful. So I looked down and there was a half inch bee stuck in the the side of my foot. I whacked it off of me then squished the bee (which was, by this point, dying anyway) with the bag of dirt – I couldn’t step on it, as I was barefoot. I can’t believe how much it stung!! Frickin’ frackin’ bees. I LOATHE stinging insects.

Frankly, it still hurts – and this happened hours ago.


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  1. I found something interesting in my backyard yesterday too. It was a chipmunk stuck in my ‘squirrel-proof’ bird feeder. See the video drama –

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