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Okay, so I was online trying to find a downloadable version of Green Day’s performance the other night on *gasp* American Idol (ugh). I’m always looking for Green Day video because I always want to see Green Day play anything anytime anywhere,.

I WAS a bit appalled that they went on this manufactured music show – wait, I meant popularity contest – that results most of the time in too many Whitney/Mariah/Christina wannabees. HOWEVER, I realize they’re trying to get as much publicity as possible for this new Lennon cover album because it’s for CHARITY – to save Darfur. So they’re forgiven.

Anyway, when I googled Video Green Day American Idol, this mashup came up. I will preface what I’m about to say with the fact that Kelly Clarkson is the only AI whose music I can tolerate at all.

But this mashup actually makes me like her song better than I did before.


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