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All the Iraq headlines make me sad. I hate the idea of war, I hate the idea of people having to leave their loved ones for long periods of time, I hate that so many young people are dying. But this story is tremendously sad for a different reason. A woman’s four-year-old son was beaten to death by her boyfriend, who was ‘caring for’ the boy while she was deployed to Iraq. She just left on May 12, and this guy, in a matter of 2 weeks, beat her small child to death.

And where was the child’s father, you ask? ALSO SERVING IN IRAQ. Apparently, they had three young children. You’d think the military could find a way for both of them not to be deployed overseas at the same time so that one of them could be with their children.

Oh, and these “boyfriend beats woman’s baby to death” stories are all too common anymore. Recently in the Cincinnati area, we had two of them happen in a period of about 24 hours. Both children under the age of two. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE MEN? Does it make them feel big and strong and manly to beat up on a little kid? Really? Or are they just that messed up in the head that they don’t think it’s completely wrong to beat on toddlers? Wonder if they’ve ever heard the saying “Pick on someone your own size?” No, they couldn’t possibly do that, because they’d likely get the sh*t beat out of them. Maybe someone could just run over them with a truck or something, so they could experience the pain, fear and suffering that those tiny children experienced before they died.

And as for the mothers – I have an idea, if you have children that young, perhaps you should worry more about taking care of them than DATING. Once you decided to bring children into this world, you basically decided to put their needs before your own. Particularly when those children are babies and toddlers and under the age of ten. Perhaps you could either hold off on your own needs and wants until they’re older or maybe, just maybe, you could look for a higher class of man (you know, like maybe a human being) to sleep with.


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