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Monthly Archives: June 2007

If you feel like I do about all these little kids with the freakin’ soap opera names, state names, MADE-UP names and horribly, grossly, ridiculously MISSPELLED names, you WILL ENJOY THIS!! It’s addictive to read one after another of these, so be prepared to spend some time there.
UGH. Some people REALLY shouldn’t breed. And it would serve most of them right if their children with the “magical and special” names beat the hell out of the parents who chose those names when they hit 16. Really.
(And I don’t even believe in violence)


this guy makes your job look like a cake walk.

I started last Thursday the way I usually do.
I hit the snooze more times than I care to admit. I finally get up.
I go downstairs to drink some milk and take some vitamins.
I glance out my back door to see if (a) the bird feeder is still in the tree (or if the squirrels got it down again) and (b) to see if it needs to be refilled.
This morning, the punk squirrels have managed to get the new “squirrel-proof” feeder out of the tree again. It’s lying on its side in the grass. One of the squirrels is sitting there next to it, happily munching away, working his little hands and filling himself up.
There are a few birds on the finch feeder.

And there’s a toad at the edge of the patio, within just a few inches (6 or less) of the squirrel.

And he looks funny. Funny strange. His color is weird. He looks kind of beige. Most toads around here are dark green-gray.

Then I notice a series of dark reddish spots on the patio. The spots look distinctly like blood on concrete. The largest spot is at the end farthest away from the door. It’s about three times as large as the other spots. The spots start in the middle of the patio, extend a couple of feet, then stop. So I’m thinking “what the….?” and “who’s been bleeding?”

Then I get a better look at the toad.

He’s sitting at the edge of the patio, about a foot or more beyond that last large spot.

But he’s sitting in an even bigger spot that looks wet. Then I realize he has only 1/4 of one of his back legs. One leg is gone from what would be mid-thigh down. So, I’m thinking he’s dead since he doesn’t move when I open the patio door.

Then I got close to him and he moved. He didn’t hop (obviously) but he was able to push himself around. He pushed himself off the edge of the patio into the grass. He stayed close to the patio’s edge, though.

When he moved, I noticed that, in addition to 3/4 of his back right leg being gone, his other foot was missing.

As I moved around, filling the bird feeder, he pushed himself around a few times and seemed to be doing okay with it.

But I knew he was in big trouble. If I’d had any idea how to put him out of his misery, I would have done it.

Instead, I finished what I was doing as fast as possible so as not to stress the poor thing any worse. Then I left for work.

And I thought about that toad all morning long. I kept wondering what happened to him and why, if something had attacked him, hadn’t just gone ahead and eaten him entirely. It really bothered me. More than I can describe. I just can’t stand the idea of something suffering so much before it dies. I kept my fingers crossed all day that he would go hide somewhere and die as quickly as possible. I was worried he’d be attacked again.

And, for some reason, that injured and dying toad seemed to be an omen of bad things.

And, that day, my manager at work was laid off. Someone who I really enjoyed working with and for, who was a touchstone and a great person to bounce ideas off of. I’m really going to miss that someone. I don’t know if I’ll ever have that kind of relationship with a manager/supervisor/boss again – it will be a hard relationship to match in the future. I am sad.

So I guess the toad was an omen.

Oh, and when I came home from work, he was gone.

“I don’t like dreaming. I’m laying there sleeping, and then I have to build a go-kart with my ex-landlord.” – Mitch Hedberg

I highly recommend this guy. His delivery takes some getting used to, but that doesn’t take long.
It’s a shame he’s gone. Stupid heroin.

…and it would SO be like this…hehehehehhehehehehe

Okay, so this dude wrote an article telling us all that our favorite bands are lame and why.
He calls out all the sacred cows, Beatles, Nirvana, U2. even – gasp – the Clash…hard to swallow. Also hard to believe that this article was on

I found this list of the Top 25 Web Sites very interesting. I had no idea that WordPress was quite this popular! Just an interesting overview of the web.

So I read this article titled “27 Skills Your Child Needs to Know That She’s Not Getting in School”

Here’s the list of items (without the explanations) –
Financial – Saving, Budgeting, Paying Bills, Investing, Frugality, Credit, Retirement, Charity
Thinking – Critical Thinking, Reading
Success – Positive Thinking, Motivation, Procrastination, Passion
Social – Anti-Competition, Compassion, Love, Listening, Conversation
Practical – Auto, Household, Cleaning, Organization
Happiness – Be Present, Enjoy Life, Find Purpose, Develop Intimate Relationships

I agree heartily with the items on this list. However, there’s an implication in the title of the article that schools should be teaching these things. I believe that the article actually refutes that and puts the responsibility for these vital things where it should be, in the laps of parents.

Things that SHOULD be taught in school to every child, but mostly aren’t

I’m reading this book called “You, Inc. – The Art of Selling Yourself.”
There’s a section in there that mentions the comment “That which does not destroy me, makes me stronger,” which was a statement made by the philosopher Nietzsche. I did not know that. I should have. But I didn’t. I remember other Nietzsche quotes.
I know a lot of people who are devout Christians who repeat that statement often. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that)
I find that quite ironic and believe that if they knew the originator of that statement was also the same man who coined the phrase “God is dead…and we killed him,” they would probably not quote that other line quite so frequently.
Just noting the ironies when I find them.
Irony makes me snicker.

Good book, by the way. This is about the 4th book I’ve read from the same author, and I always find his stuff useful.

If you’re up for a good laugh, you’ve GOT to check this guy’s post out!