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Reported this week….
Last summer, big king Wal-Mart put their advertising account into review (which means, for those of you not in the marketing & advertising business, that they offer up the chance to win their business to several advertising firms at once, including their AOR-agency of record). You can best believe that agencies salivate over business that huge.
Despite being in a heavy period of competition, Wal-Mart’s AOR told the retail giant that the emporer was wearing no clothes. GSD&M, who had been their agency for 20-some years, who knew the Wal-Mart business probably as well as (maybe even better, because they could be a bit more objective) the client’s own team, presented Wal-Mart with a report that didn’t smell like fluffy pink marshmallows and coddle their egos. . So Wal-Mart fired them and went with another agency. They shot the messenger.
Now, no big surprise, that report was leaked. And basically, everything that the agency told the monolith would/could happen, is starting to happen. Perhaps (though not likely) this will teach the gargantuan retailer not to value their own egos over the truth, even when it hurts.


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