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Found this article recently. It’s certainly a fascinating and compelling argument from someone who knows. Someone who knows the day-to-day tragedies of this war.

When you get into it, you discover the name of the soldier’s roommate who was killed. Turns out the deceased soldier used to be the manager of someone on my team at work. She had just gone to his funeral. I gave my team member the link to the story and she’s been emailing with the soldier who wrote the piece.

Small world. Big problem. Difficult to solve. A horrible situation for all involved. What’s the point, really?



  1. Sorry. Where’s the link again ?

  2. The Point ? Well, you could do what detectives do. Follow the money.

  3. Just got back from your link. Hope my input does some good.

  4. Follow the money? Well you know…poor kids die for a rich man’s war…

  5. That wasn’t so tough, was it ?

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