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I put up a little bird feeder in an evergreen tree in late February because it was SO COLD after it had been VERY WARM during January. At the time, the only visitors I saw were little gray juncos.
Then there were occasional visits from cardinals – always a treat to see! And a pair of mourning doves set up near the house, I could hear their sad songs pretty regularly.

Since early April, the list of regular visitors has grown significantly!!!

Regular visitors include:
Two mated pairs of cardinals – one pair even decided to nest higher up in this same tree – guess they decided “hey, the eatin’s good here, why not?” They laid two eggs, one of which hatched in the last couple of days. The baby does not look like a cardinal yet, except with a telefoto lens you can see the black around his eyes. Pretty cool!
The purple finches – the red boys and their grayish-brown girls – arrived next after the cardinals. And they’re always here.
A group of the busiest, noisiest little house finches. There are about eight of them and they usually frequent the feeder together – it’s like a busy lunch counter in a diner!
Song sparrows and vesper sparrows – they’re harder to count. Also, they’re difficult to tell apart.
Two more-unique looking tufted titmouses (titmice?) – they’re very cute – they just have this soft appearance, white and gray with big black eyes and just a hint of yellow in their white feathers – they are very skittish! I’ve had ZERO luck getting pictures of them.
One morning I discovered a VERY LARGE (well, compared to the usual feeder crowd) bird feeding. He had a red mohawk and beautiful black and white feathers on his wings. Very striking. He also looks like a huge moose-butt compared to the rest. He has to hang his body under the feeder to eat. He comes back about once or twice a day during the evening – he usually scares everyone else off, then doesn’t stay too long. He’s a treat to watch. It took a while to identify him as a red-bellied woodpecker.
Within the last week or so, I’ve discovered two new visitors – a pair of white-breasted nuthatches. When they are startled, they usually fly to a nearby tree where I can still see them. They creep up and down the trunk of the tree. Also really striking looking birds with sharply defined gray and white area and long bills for their size.
The most recent new visitors have been a beautiful pair of American goldfinches. They are also VERY difficult to get on camera – they move too quickly.

Anyway, I’m very much enjoying the visitors and their changing “demographics,” so to speak.
Now, if I can just keep the chipmunks ON THE GROUND and out of the feeder itself!!!


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