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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Nice job, Chertoff. Way to put everyone on edge and cover your a** at the same time. Is this what Karl Rove told you to say in order to change the recent headlines of this administration, like this one, or this one?


Since it’s so disgustingly hot today,  I thought I’d post a photo from last winter’s ice storm to cool off with…


This might just be the funniest thing ever on SNL in the last 15 years. The best part comes at 2:33…Again, I say, JT may just be the best host ever. All the hosts should be so willing to make fun of themselves and commit to the bit.

Proving, much like the duck-billed platypus (though maybe not quite as impressive a feat), that He has a sense of humor, God gives us the patchwork zebra.

The idea of converting 7-11s to Kwik-E-Marts to pre-promote the Simpsons movie is – BY FAR – the best use of cross-merchandising and point-of-purchase displays EVER!!!

Particularly cool are all the converted displays inside the store – like the Buzz Cola, Sprinkle, and Duff Beer substitutions for the usual displays.

Again, I say WOW.

What a picture.

Thanks so much to the Sony corporation for assisting kids in being both UNEDUCATED and DISHONEST

Way to help kids succeed in their futures by helping them be dishonest and helping them be deceptive, Sony.
Nice job!

So, my friends, we have two Republican candidates who can officially count themselves out of the race.

Mitt “Mr Smooth” Romney for this story
(I’m sorry, but if you don’t have any better sense than to put your dog on the roof of your car for a 12-hour road trip, then you shouldn’t be allowed in government anywhere, let alone the White House, Clark Griswold)


Duncan “Who the Hell are You?” Hunter for this story
(if you actually, truly believe that Ann Freakin’ Coulter is a “great American,” your moral judgment and sense of right and wrong are so deeply flawed that you should just go back to kindergarten to learn the actual difference).