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My dear designer friends, you will truly get the most enjoyment out of this. But you do not have to do design work for a living to laugh. Make sure you watch the Amazing! video too

If you find yourself not laughing, and you have anything to do with advertising or marketing, you may be holding up a mirror to your most annoying feedback.


The idea of converting 7-11s to Kwik-E-Marts to pre-promote the Simpsons movie is – BY FAR – the best use of cross-merchandising and point-of-purchase displays EVER!!!

Particularly cool are all the converted displays inside the store – like the Buzz Cola, Sprinkle, and Duff Beer substitutions for the usual displays.

Thanks so much to the Sony corporation for assisting kids in being both UNEDUCATED and DISHONEST

Way to help kids succeed in their futures by helping them be dishonest and helping them be deceptive, Sony.
Nice job!