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Let me say it again…Batman has the BEST villains….


If you haven’t already checked out this trailer for next summer’s new Batman movie, you’ve got to see it. I had seen a picture of Heath Ledger as the new Joker in Entertainment Weekly, but once I had a glimpse of the trailer during this week’s SAD SAD news coverage of his death (which certainly seems to be accidental from the way things are being said, which makes it even more sad), I knew I had to find the trailer.

See?!?! Batman ALWAYS has the best villains…From Jack to Jim Carrey to Heath…and even going way back to the TV series, the villains for Batman to battle were always more entertaining and interesting than Superman’s.

RIP, Heath. May God hold your daughter in His hands.

Just a little gem of an ad from the second best quarterback in the NFL…Enjoy!!!

You know, I just love the irony that the news channel that pretends to be an arbiter of ‘old-fashioned American values’ is also the channel that uses this kind of video for such a high percentage of its stories.

Here’s why it’s okay that your favorite comedy shows (Daily Show, Colbert Report) followed by your favorite other shows, will be in reruns until the writers’ strike is over.

Anyone who makes money from writing or other creative careers needs to be supportive of the writers’ strike.

(Thanks to Will at Clicked – yet again! – for posting this)

My dear designer friends, you will truly get the most enjoyment out of this. But you do not have to do design work for a living to laugh. Make sure you watch the Amazing! video too

If you find yourself not laughing, and you have anything to do with advertising or marketing, you may be holding up a mirror to your most annoying feedback.

I adore Warren Buffett…a billionaire with a brain and a conscience and a heart….

Good ol’ Will from Clicked. He posted one of my favorite entertainment memories from childhood on Wednesday.
And I loved it so much as a kid that I had to link it here too!
Me-nah me-nah…

…or at the very least, respect his passion about how the sad state of the housing market is affecting other parts of the economy. Watch CNBC’s Jim Cramer go OFF here.

Nice to see someone discussing this stuff PASSIONATELY instead of dispassionately.

This might just be the funniest thing ever on SNL in the last 15 years. The best part comes at 2:33…Again, I say, JT may just be the best host ever. All the hosts should be so willing to make fun of themselves and commit to the bit.